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Frequently Asked Questions

A webinar is a short firearm review video hosted by IGY6 Armory.. At the end of each video review we will select at random one lucky participant to keep the product we are reviewing.

We typically ship within 48-72 hours after a webinar. Contingent on us having your FFL info.

The answer is NO!! We can only ship to the person who participated in the webinar.

Yes, we can ship anywhere in the US. We have shipped items of all types throughout the US. It is important to note that ALL firearms must be shipped to a federal firearms license (FFL) dealer. If you do not already have one in your area just ask us, we are happy to help you locate one.

Absolutely!! Just visit the SHOP link at the top of the page. If there is something you are looking for that is not on the site just shoot us an email and we will work hard to find it for you.

If you miss the live video of us giving an item away, you can go to “My Account” and click the “View Past Webinars” tab. There you will find all the videos of the webinars you have participated in for the last 30 days.

Webinars are typically M – F 9:00 am to 5 pm. Any webinars that are sold out after 5pm on Friday will be reviewed Monday morning. We will occasionally review products over the weekend.

Have your FFL email us at It is very important they put your name in the subject line.

Federal Firearms License. Federal Law mandates that firearms may only be shipped to a Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) dealer. The dealer will ensure that you are legally allowed to purchase the firearm under all Federal, State and Local Laws before completing the gun transfer. Most dealers charge a fee for this service that is NOT included in your transaction for a webinar and is to be paid to the FFL Dealer at the time of transfer. Please make sure you discuss any additional terms and conditions they may have.

You must be 21 years of age to purchase a handgun or receiver, 18 years of age to purchase a long gun from IGY6 Armory.

You will receive an email from us. If this is your first time to receive an item from us, we will walk you through the steps and answer any questions you might have. If the webinar was a firearm, we will need your FFL’s contact information and a copy of their license. They can email a copy of their license to:, we just ask that your name be in the subject line. If your item was not a firearm and does not require FFL transfer, it will be shipped to the shipping address in your online profile. We do not charge additional fees but you should know that most FFL’s charge a transfer fee so ask them before you have your item shipped there.

Firearms are NEVER shipped to someone’s home. All firearms are shipped to an FFL per ATF regulations. If your item is a non-firearm item it will be shipped to the address you provide. We ship via USPS, FEDEx and UPS so please make sure that they will deliver to the address you provide.

You will forfeit your winnings and we will refund your seats. There will be no trading for something else or cash options.